Social Media Marketing For A Mortgage Broker

Marketing through social media has gained reputation by many companies who have benefited in terms of building their brand and gaining new clients. It should be the same case for a mortgage broker since every industry has an opportunity to gain. This is something you need to invest a good amount of time and energy on if you want to reach your goal of making money as a mortgage broker.

According to a study by social media Examiner, about 97% of the marketers use social media but 85% of them don’t know which tools to use. In case you’re in the category, here are steps to use social media marketing for a mortgage broker.


Set goals and objective

Before undertaking any activity establish objectives and goals. What are the expectations when using social media for marketing? Understanding this will encourage focus towards the goal. Moreover, it will be easier to understand which of the platforms will help in achieving the stated goals. Remember the social media platforms work differently and thus may achieve different results.


Identify your audience

The ability to identify the right audience for the mortgage business is the most crucial for success. It will determine the response and conversion rate. The best part about the use of the platforms, especially Facebook, is the ability to differentiate the audience using set criteria. For example, separating audiences by age, location, hobbies, and interests. The identification of the audience makes the content sent targeted getting you closer to achieving the objectives.


Get own content

There are different types of content utilized in social media. It includes the use of text, pictures, videos, and links. What’s more, the reception of the different content is different with visual content being more popular.

The key thing to remember is that the content should be informative and appealing to the audience. Also, it should be all-rounded and not only focus on promoting the mortgage broking business. It is advisable to link useful content from the website so as to divert and grow traffic. The information shared should be as original as possible to gain credibility as a mortgage broker.


Monitoring and optimization

Constantly monitor the pages and respond to client questions, compliments and concerns. It builds trust and shows reliability. Aside from responding to clients, monitor what social media platforms are working for you and optimize to further improve the results.

With the ability to automate many of the processes such as posting content, take advantage of the options to save time and resources.



Ways of doing things especially in the social media world keeps on changing. Continuous learning on what works, the different types of content, posting time and modes of interaction is crucial to benefit maximally. Furthermore, engage other mortgage brokers on the platforms and learn what is working for them.



Social media marketing for a mortgage broker is important since it has the potential to increase exposure, grow the brand and get more clients. However, to make the mode of marketing a success, know the steps to take. The above tips will help any mortgage broker to successfully market themselves.

Hiring A Talented Wedding Photographer

Preparing for your wedding can indeed become really stressful real quick because you need to take care of a wide range of things including the church where you’re getting married; the venue of your reception; your wedding rings; wedding gown; what your future husband is going to wear on your special day; getting a good videographer to do your same day edits; and hiring a highly skilled wedding photographer.

All of these things are very important and you shouldn’t take any of them for granted. Today, we’re going to look at some tips that you need to take into consideration when you hire a wedding photographer. Keep in mind that you want to look good on your photos during your wedding day. So, the wedding photographer that you get to do the job must be skilled enough to deliver the kind of quality that you’re looking for. Your wedding is only going to happen once and there’s no rewind button for it so you should make sure that your photographer has the capacity the special moments of that day.

Take a look at the portfolio of different photographers in your area and ask for quotes so that you’ll know which one of them will work best for you. Get more information on this topic at

Elements of a Good Wedding Tent

Elements of a Good Wedding Tent

The wedding season is the time for plenty of hectic activity, for those who haven’t planned their wedding, and for quiet calm for those who have been planning their wedding in advance. Since, winter is a favorite season for to-be-weds, farms, parks, lawns or outdoor open spaces are hugely in demand leading to the need for tents and decorators.

Why Tents?

Undoubtedly, beautifully decorated tents make the venue look fantastic while adding to the comfort level of the event. Tents can protect the whole gathering including you and your guests from various elements such as extreme heat, cold, rain, bugs, etc. With advancements in technology, tents have also become hi-tech and today, you can hire air conditioned tents, warm tents, and so on.

Types of Tents

Frame Tents – one of the most common types of tents, these are best for a small gathering.  Made of canvas and stretched over an iron or metal frame, the tent allows for unobstructed space. Frame tent & decorators offer their service at fairly reasonable rates and due to their lightweight and strong framework, they are both, quick to assemble and disassemble.
Canopy Tents – Worried about rains on your wedding day? Try canopy tents. These are made to offer protection from light rain. You can also use these tents for covering the food area, and protect a small group of people. Since canopy tents don’t have any sidewalls, they don’t offer protection from heavy winds or rains. Check with your wedding planner for the cost of these tents.
Marquee Tents – A tent that allows plenty of canvas for Wedding decorations, marquee tents are made of vinyl-coated fabric and stretched over a tubular metallic frame.

How to Select a Tent?

It’s a tricky question. But ask any experienced wedding planner on how to go about selecting a tent and you should get your answer. Some pointers you can consider are:

* Size of gathering
* Available space
* Size of tent required
* Time of the year
* Your budget
* Any other special requirements

Accessories for Tents

After having established the type of tent and its use, you will need to accessorize the tent. Here are some guidelines on how to do just that.

Air conditioning and Heating – Needless to say, air conditioned or heated tents increase the comfort level of your guests and allow people to enjoy the event more thoroughly. However, you will need sidewalls for having an acid or heated tent.  Check with a Malta air conditioners shop to make sure your tent will stay air conditioned.
Sidewalls – Choose from windows, mesh screens, and solid walls. Best for large-sized tents. Well-designed sidewalls offer a classy and elegant appearance to the enclosed space.
Carpet -Try using carpets to ensure that guests can walk easily on uneven or rough surfaces.

Finally, remember that having a beautifully decorated tent cannot just make your guests happy and comfortable, but also you. Always seek the expert advice of tent and decorators before making a choice.

Stunning Wedding Venues in Malta

Stunning Wedding Venues in Malta

There is a reason why one dreams of a wedding in Malta. With its warm climate, beautiful architecture and historical monuments, it’s a romantic paradise.

It is sure to provide you and your partner with the most beautiful and picturesque start to your lifetime together.

While your are busy planning your wedding, we have taken the time to select the 5 best wedding venues in Malta for you to explore.

1. Villa Bologna

This country house is still lived in by the descendants of the family who had built it in 1745. It is secluded from the tourist traffic – sure to be serene and quiet for your ceremony.

It has the perfect Mediterranean garden complete with orchards, fountains, and lawns for an unforgettable event.

This villa is rich in history and will provide a charming country style wedding in Malta.

2. Harbor View Private Gardens

A truly breathtaking venue which will provide your guests with one of the most unique wedding experiences.

A ceremony in the outdoors will take place in a garden overlooking the Valletta Harbor. There is also place for the reception. The gardens are adorned for the ceremony.

The best part is at sunset when the last streaks of light splash onto the harbor and the ships begin to turn on their lights…

3. Hola Beach Club

If you love the sea and the sand, this charming venue for you.

This is Malta’s destination for that perfect beach wedding. Exchanging vows with your feet in the sand is something that is truly unforgettable.

It boasts gazebos during the day and can be lit up at night with candles or torches for that heightened romantic feel.

Just imagine the feeling of beach crushing gently behind you as you take your vows. Words cannot even begin to describe this rare opportunity.

4. Villa Mdina

This villa was once a farmhouse and has been converted to provide you with parts of the new and the old times.

This villa oozes culture with its paintings, antique furniture, and old photographs. It is a fairytale setting for a wedding that will have your guests basking in utter splendor.

Your reception can even be held outside in the dainty accompanying garden. The garden has a replica of the well-known alleys in the capital of Malta – Sqaq Mdina.

The kitchen boasts the latest in modern technology and all food is cooked on site.  Here is a tour of the newly renovated Villa Mdina.

5. Xara Palace

Prepare for a royal wedding at the Xara Palace in Mdina. Malta is rich in history so if you played princess when you were little, this is a dream come true for you.

This palace is situated on a hill in the medieval city of Mdina. The rooms are supplied with the remembrance of what has been – original paintings, tapestries, and furnishings.

The wedding ceremony will take place in the large and spacious courtyard which is nothing short of the timelessness of love itself.

The balcony views are breathtaking and your guests are sure to enjoy themselves thoroughly. There is also a reception area in the form of a restaurant.

Be it the sea and sand, traditional houses, enchanting ships or even a palace, Malta has something for you.  Have a look at some other venues and the details we will take care of, you can view them here at

This country is rich in romantic beauty above all else, and is the perfect destination for a wedding that will echo through the ages.

The Secrets of Interior Design Photography

How to photograph homes the correct way:

First of, you must open the apertures to allow an abundance of light into your rooms. You need to try balance the outside and inside lights.

Alternatively you can use studio lights. The equipment you need to match the exterior with the interior:

Flash only, Aperture priority (aperture set to F8) and Umbrella.

Lighting is so so important. So switch all lamps inside your home. Inside it should not be too dark neither too bright.

How to photograph real estate from the outside:

You need your gear

  1. Monopod
  2. pocket wizards
  3. umbrella swivel
  4. kit lense
  5. tripod
  6. cam ranger ( to connect to your iphone)

$600 – $700 worth of gear will do the job.

Always shoot from an angel to capture the depth of the house. This also adds 3 dimentionality to the house and exposes its architecture.

A placement of the lights is vital. With experience you will learn how the light bounces, the reflections and how to adjust accordingly.

Not all the images will be perfect because sometimes you are in a hurry. BUT the great thing is that you can go back to your studio and edit the images with software like Photoshop.

Welcome to Social Pixels Reborn – Wedding Photography by Ben

Los Angeles wedding photographer, Ben Chen, worked as a photojournalist for several major news organizations. During those years working as a professional photojournalist, he has photographed some of the most important events in Los Angeles such as the Rose Bowl, The Academy Awards, USC and UCLA Football, Malta football association, Malta real estate association, Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, MLS, NASCAR, Dallas Cowboys, WTA and PGA.

Ben’s work has been graced the pages of many magazines and newspapers. His photos was published in the pages of Cosmopolitan Magazine, PC Photo Magazine, Professional Photographer of America Magazine, The Magazine-Luxury Life Style, Sporting News, ESPN Magazine Popular Photography Magazine, Range Finder Magazine, LA Times, USA Today, Pasadena Star News and San Gabriel Tribute. Ben utilized his extensive photojournalistic experience to anticipate and capture all those special candid moments at weddings for his clients; together with his incredible vision to create majestic images, he truly provides clients with memorable images for a lifetime. Ben’s style is best described as a wedding photojournalist with an artistic flare.

As a Los Angeles wedding photographer, Ben’s goal at your wedding is to provide uncompromising quality in the documentation of your wedding memories. Each customized album will be a collection of unique images, comprised of super cool portraits, creative details and spontaneous moments. It is a combination of our pledge to excellence and devotion to bring out the radiance of your special day, while preserving a relaxed yet unaccented beat that will make your wedding experience memorable.


Although we are very creative and artistic wedding photographers who specialize in Los Angeles wedding photography, we love the opportunity to photograph a destination wedding.

With Ben’s years of experience as a photojournalist, he has developed a keen sense of timing and knows just how to get into that perfect position during a wedding in order to capture those magical moments. Years of studying visual arts and fashion have helped Ben develop his own unique style of creative and edgy wedding photography. Not only will he capture all those “must-have” wedding images that you would get from many competent professional wedding photographers, you will also gain from Ben’s ability to create many distinctive, romantic and edgy photos for his clients who want more than just a boring old photo album.

Unlike most photographers that simply show up at a wedding and start shooting, Ben always does a “walk-through” or “preview” of all wedding locations (churches, parks, reception halls) with his clients prior to the wedding to determine the best angles and lighting needs to ensure that everything will be perfect for wedding day. Being a perfectionist and an ultimate professional, Ben wants to be fully prepared prior to your wedding day to make it the best that it can be.

Nearly all “professional” wedding photographer will utilize one or more assistants for weddings. Ben has assistants, as well as several interns, who will assist during your wedding to make sure that everything runs smoothly and not a single moment is missed.

One of the worst experiences that a couple can have, is when just weeks before the wedding date, the photographer cannot be found or informs the client he will not be coming to the wedding. In 20 plus years of being a professional photographer, Ben has NEVER missed an assignment or a job (Knock on Wood!). Ben is 100% dependable.