Stunning Wedding Venues in Malta

Stunning Wedding Venues in Malta

There is a reason why one dreams of a wedding in Malta. With its warm climate, beautiful architecture and historical monuments, it’s a romantic paradise.

It is sure to provide you and your partner with the most beautiful and picturesque start to your lifetime together.

While your are busy planning your wedding, we have taken the time to select the 5 best wedding venues in Malta for you to explore.

1. Villa Bologna

This country house is still lived in by the descendants of the family who had built it in 1745. It is secluded from the tourist traffic – sure to be serene and quiet for your ceremony.

It has the perfect Mediterranean garden complete with orchards, fountains, and lawns for an unforgettable event.

This villa is rich in history and will provide a charming country style wedding in Malta.

2. Harbor View Private Gardens

A truly breathtaking venue which will provide your guests with one of the most unique wedding experiences.

A ceremony in the outdoors will take place in a garden overlooking the Valletta Harbor. There is also place for the reception. The gardens are adorned for the ceremony.

The best part is at sunset when the last streaks of light splash onto the harbor and the ships begin to turn on their lights…

3. Hola Beach Club

If you love the sea and the sand, this charming venue for you.

This is Malta’s destination for that perfect beach wedding. Exchanging vows with your feet in the sand is something that is truly unforgettable.

It boasts gazebos during the day and can be lit up at night with candles or torches for that heightened romantic feel.

Just imagine the feeling of beach crushing gently behind you as you take your vows. Words cannot even begin to describe this rare opportunity.

4. Villa Mdina

This villa was once a farmhouse and has been converted to provide you with parts of the new and the old times.

This villa oozes culture with its paintings, antique furniture, and old photographs. It is a fairytale setting for a wedding that will have your guests basking in utter splendor.

Your reception can even be held outside in the dainty accompanying garden. The garden has a replica of the well-known alleys in the capital of Malta – Sqaq Mdina.

The kitchen boasts the latest in modern technology and all food is cooked on site.  Here is a tour of the newly renovated Villa Mdina.

5. Xara Palace

Prepare for a royal wedding at the Xara Palace in Mdina. Malta is rich in history so if you played princess when you were little, this is a dream come true for you.

This palace is situated on a hill in the medieval city of Mdina. The rooms are supplied with the remembrance of what has been – original paintings, tapestries, and furnishings.

The wedding ceremony will take place in the large and spacious courtyard which is nothing short of the timelessness of love itself.

The balcony views are breathtaking and your guests are sure to enjoy themselves thoroughly. There is also a reception area in the form of a restaurant.

Be it the sea and sand, traditional houses, enchanting ships or even a palace, Malta has something for you.  Have a look at some other venues and the details we will take care of, you can view them here at

This country is rich in romantic beauty above all else, and is the perfect destination for a wedding that will echo through the ages.