Elements of a Good Wedding Tent

Elements of a Good Wedding Tent

The wedding season is the time for plenty of hectic activity, for those who haven’t planned their wedding, and for quiet calm for those who have been planning their wedding in advance. Since, winter is a favorite season for to-be-weds, farms, parks, lawns or outdoor open spaces are hugely in demand leading to the need for tents and decorators.

Why Tents?

Undoubtedly, beautifully decorated tents make the venue look fantastic while adding to the comfort level of the event. Tents can protect the whole gathering including you and your guests from various elements such as extreme heat, cold, rain, bugs, etc. With advancements in technology, tents have also become hi-tech and today, you can hire air conditioned tents, warm tents, and so on.

Types of Tents

Frame Tents – one of the most common types of tents, these are best for a small gathering.  Made of canvas and stretched over an iron or metal frame, the tent allows for unobstructed space. Frame tent & decorators offer their service at fairly reasonable rates and due to their lightweight and strong framework, they are both, quick to assemble and disassemble.
Canopy Tents – Worried about rains on your wedding day? Try canopy tents. These are made to offer protection from light rain. You can also use these tents for covering the food area, and protect a small group of people. Since canopy tents don’t have any sidewalls, they don’t offer protection from heavy winds or rains. Check with your wedding planner for the cost of these tents.
Marquee Tents – A tent that allows plenty of canvas for Wedding decorations, marquee tents are made of vinyl-coated fabric and stretched over a tubular metallic frame.

How to Select a Tent?

It’s a tricky question. But ask any experienced wedding planner on how to go about selecting a tent and you should get your answer. Some pointers you can consider are:

* Size of gathering
* Available space
* Size of tent required
* Time of the year
* Your budget
* Any other special requirements

Accessories for Tents

After having established the type of tent and its use, you will need to accessorize the tent. Here are some guidelines on how to do just that.

Air conditioning and Heating – Needless to say, air conditioned or heated tents increase the comfort level of your guests and allow people to enjoy the event more thoroughly. However, you will need sidewalls for having an acid or heated tent.  Check with a Malta air conditioners shop to make sure your tent will stay air conditioned.
Sidewalls – Choose from windows, mesh screens, and solid walls. Best for large-sized tents. Well-designed sidewalls offer a classy and elegant appearance to the enclosed space.
Carpet -Try using carpets to ensure that guests can walk easily on uneven or rough surfaces.

Finally, remember that having a beautifully decorated tent cannot just make your guests happy and comfortable, but also you. Always seek the expert advice of tent and decorators before making a choice.