Los Angeles Fashion Photography at its BEST!

Los Angeles Fashion Photography

Los Angeles fashion photography provided by Ben Chen is one of the best investments one can have. Ben’s wonderful Los Angeles fashion photography will help any fashion business to grow. Ben is an expert in creating excellent lighting and possesses a creative eye and an edgy style. He has been asked by many Los Angeles fashion designers and upscale fashion boutique owners to provide Los Angeles and Orange County fashion photography.  Ben finds these images rewarding to create, where for a change, the garment is the focus of the image, and not the people.

As a highly sought-after Los Angeles Fashion photographer, Ben has the ability and resources to assemble an entire creative team ranging from make up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, to the models for your Los Angeles fashion photography and Orange County fashion photography session

Over the years, Ben’s creative and edgy Los Angeles fashion photography has caught the eyes of several fashion magazine editors. His fashion photos were features numerous times in magazines and catalogs.

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Wedding Photography Burbank

As a local favorite Burbank wedding photographer, Ben loves to create romantic, artistic, and edgy wedding photos for each of his wedding clients. The type of photos will show their personalities; the type of photos you see hanging in their new homes. Ben will seek clients’ collaboration in order to create art for his Burbank wedding photography clients


Los Angeles Fashion Photography


Los Angeles Fashion Photographer

Los Angeles Fashion Photographer, Ben Chen, is a highly sought-after professional photographer in the Los Angeles fashion world. Many clients love his creative and edgy Los Angeles Fashion Photography. He is available to work with designers, boutique store, and garment manufactures to produce beautiful fashion photos. Ben's photos have been published in several magazines and have provided excellent Los Angeles fashion photography to many clients.

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