Los Angeles Portrait Photography

Los Angeles portrait photography

Los Angeles portrait photography

Los Angeles portrait photography


Los Angeles Portrait Photographer, Ben Chen, is a full-time professional photographer base out of Southern California that provides many clients with beautiful and memorable Los Angeles portrait photography, Orange County portrait photography and Inland Empire portrait photography sessions. Ben is an expert in posing family groups and well known for his meticulous lighting skills in order to create portrait photos that the family will treasure for a lifetime.

Ben specializes in creating beautiful Los Angeles portraits photography ‘on location’. This means that Ben will come out to any indoor or outdoor location of your choice for the portrait session.  Many Ben's Los Angeles portrait photography clients love his magnificent sunset family portrait images.

Los Angeles Portrait Photography clients can choose a location that means something special to them personally, such as a favorite beach, mountain vistas, the desert, a city scene or skyline view, parks or any other location that brings beauty, interest or special memories into the portrait.  Some families even return to the same site year after year to show the growth of the family against a similar backdrop each time.  Or you can find a new and exciting location every year - It’s up to you!

Los Angeles Portrait photography clients are often surprised that the how much resources it will take to create beautiful portraits. It is not unusually not only Ben will bring his thousands of dollars of lighting gear, but also two to three assistants will be on hand helping with lighting.

Ben is best known for his ability to create stunning portraits with wonderful lighting and beautiful sunset in the background. When you book Ben as your Los Angeles Portrait photographer, you are truly retaining the services of a master that will create art for you and your family for generations. Ben’s Los Angeles Portrait photography services are available in Orange County as well as Inland Empire.

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Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer, Ben Chen, will create beautiful sunset portrait photography on location in Southern California. Highly sought after as an "On-Location" portrait photographer, Ben is deemed among the best in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Ben is well known for his outstanding Los Angeles portrait photography because his ability to help his clients with artistic poses and his meticulous lighting. He is admired by other photographers and teaches seminars and workshops on “Guerrilla Lighting”, a term that he coined to describe the style of extremely portable and effective location lighting he has developed.


Los Angeles Portrait Photography

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